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What is mobile marketing?

Jan 10 2011

Mobile marketing is the best way to keep in touch with news and updates from your favorite people and places! All you have to do is sent a few letters to a certain number and you’ll be subscribed to a list. Kind of like with email marketing, except this is through text messaging.

Some recent texts sent by Armando have been,

“Foreclosures: If the bank accepts your offer and says you have to close in thirty days, close on TIME. A fee will be charged every day you go over.”

“FHA extends suspension of ‘anti-flipping’ rule for another year, which is GREAT for YOU! Read whole article on my Facebook or Twitter.”

““Success comes in cans, failure in cants” – Unknown Author”

And many more! Armando tries his best to send a text everyday.

Sign up today! Text AMS to 90210.

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